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Patient Testimonials

“I had a very scary diagnosis of breast cancer. *Dr. Kudson was knowledgeable, kind & understanding. She explained everything in detail. She went out of her way to see me until I was totally healed! I think she is an excellent doctor! ”
“My pre-surgery appointment – he (Dr. Platnick) spent extra time with me on my questions, also on my post-surgery appointment. After surgery he checked on me many times during my overnight, same always polite, patient, caring and understanding. ”

Welcome to BlueStone Advanced Surgical Care

A multi-speciality surgical practice providing exceptional patient care

If you’re looking for a surgical practice that cares for the patient throughout their entire medical and surgical treatment program, you’ve come to the right place.  At Exempla BluesStone Advance Surgical Care, we care for our patients from diagnosis to complete recovery. We are a comprehensive team of Board Certified surgeons who have dedicated our careers to providing patients with the best surgical care possible.  

Partnering with patients for personalized treatment

At BlueStone Advanced Surgical Care our goal is to provide patient centered care.  We believe that by educating our patients about their medical conditions our patients can make confident, informed decisions.  To help our patients heal faster and more completely, we approach treatment as a team effort so that you’re totally confident in our plan for treatment and surgery if necessary. At the heart of Bluestone Advanced Surgical Care’s philosophy is partnering with the patient.

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BlueStone Advanced Surgical Care
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