Travelling to New York City

Everyone wants to take a bite out of the ‘Big Apple’ and why wouldn’t they since New York City happens to be one of the coolest and hippest cities in the world. There’s so much to do in this city, whether it is uptown or downtown or midtown. From party going people, to senior citizens to adults to kids, there is something to do for each and everyone. You probably know most of the locations yourself as I am sure you have seen countless movies which have been based in New York City, this fact alone goes to show how popular the city is worldwide.


For a few maybe the never-ending skyscrapers are a sight to see and views from the top of various buildings like the Empire State, the World Trade Center and so on are absolutely breathtaking. A quick ride to the top is all you need to see what the New York skyline looks like.


Other than that maybe some of you might be interested in a stroll in the beautiful Central Park. If not a walk, then maybe a horse carriage ride might be of some interest to you. And while you are at it you can feed the pigeons there, eat at one of their cafes or even go to the zoo inside the park. The zoo happens to be a popular attraction as it has a lot of activities for people of all ages.


How can one go to New York City and not want to shop their heart out? Whether it’s designer brands in the ever so attractive Macy’s, or on Fifth Avenue or even cheaper alternatives in China town, there is something, somewhere to attract customers of all backgrounds.


Moving on in the heart of New York City lies Times Square, the destination because of which NYC got its other title ‘The city that never sleeps’. Where ever you look, you will find brightly colored lights, billboards, storefronts and even different people holding various kinds of performances.


Then how can one go to NYC and not go see Lady Liberty herself, just a short boat ride away from the harbor, you will find the Statue of Liberty. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even catch a ride on ‘The Beast’ which is a speedboat which moves so fast that you can barely keep your eyes open, but it’s a great way to beat the sun if you are touring in the summers.


There is just so much to do in New York City, whether it’s posing with the bull on Wall Street, going to the amazing museums, watching a play on Broadway, or going to a performance in Madison Square Garden. Deciding on what to do is going to be a tough call, but whatever you do, you will surely end up enjoying a lot.

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